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New Style Grey Color Modular LED Street Lamp

Modular led street lamp 120w

Modular led street lamp 120w


  1. 1. High quality LED Chips to ensure high lumens and long lifespan.
  2. 2. Specialized heat dissipation design to reduce temperature-rise of light source and lumens depreciation.
  3. 3. With polymer coating or anodized surface lamp body, prevent against oxidation and corrosion.


Application Place

   Widely used in city road, highway, viaduct, large cloverleaf junction, bridge, commercial square, park, school, community, yard and other places.

Main Material:

Aluminum alloy body, oxidation-resistant coating


Performance Parameter:

Light Source: CREE/high power LEDs

Input Voltage: AC90-305V

Working Temperature: -15℃-+55℃

Protection Grade: IP65



Item No. Power Modules Working Voltage Dimension (mm) Net Weight (kg)
WZ-LD-21A-030 30W One AC90-305V 423*292*98 3.56
WZ-LD-21A-060 60W Two AC90-305V 495*292*98 5.82
WZ-LD-21A-090 90W Three AC90-305V 587*292*98 8.21
WZ-LD-21A-120 120W Four AC90-305V 679*292*98 9.72
WZ-LD-21A-150 150W Five AC90-305V 771*292*98 12.44
WZ-LD-21A-180 180W Six AC90-305V 863*292*98 14.56