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Why Buy LED Lights?

Are you worried about rising electricity bills? Concerned about your carbon footprint? Or perhaps you want to upgrade your home’s lighting for more style and usability? If so, you’re probably looking for an alternative to conventional bulbs – especially those power-guzzling halogens. Here’s why you should buy LED lights from Led Lights 4 You…

Save money and help the environment with LEDs

Whether your priority is stylish lighting, slashing power bills, a more productive working environment or helping the environment, LEDs are the most environmentally-friendly lamp replacement you can buy. And we’re the friendly, knowledgeable online partner to help you make the right choice.

Here are a few of the best reasons for replacing conventional lighting with LEDs:

  • Energy saving (which equals money-saving)
  • Long life – avoids replacement costs
  • Cool running
  • Style – enhance your home or work environment
  • Environmental friendliness – because we all need to do our bit


LEDs save you energy – and money

At YUNCHUAN PHOTOELECTRIC we supply the latest LED chips from Bridgelux in the USA and Epistar in Taiwan. These are state of the art LEDs and the most efficient on the planet – giving you energy savings of 82% over standard incandescent bulbs, including the popular halogen downlighters and floodlights. With energy costs rising all the time, that’s a great way to save money over the years ahead.


LEDs last 25 times longer than conventional bulbs

Our LEDs will last over 50,000 hours (that’s 15 years in normal use) – 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This means you avoid the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacement. Add in the energy savings of LEDs and you’re helping the environment too. And of course, at over 40 lumens per watt, our LEDs also comply with the latest building regulations standard.


Cool running – more light and less heat

Only 10 per cent of the power used by incandescent bulbs is turned into light; the other 90 percent is wasted as heat! With operating temperatures of just 40–50°C, ledlights4you LEDs emit very little heat. And because they don’t exhibit the UV or strobe effects of halogens and fluorescents, they’re safer on the eyes and skin too.


More style – that’s LEDs for you

Although LED lights are available in a multitude of stylish colours the most common are cool white (daylight) and warm white. The colour of light is measured in kelvins: cool white LEDs are 6500 kelvin (similar to daylight), while the yellow tint of warm white LEDs (3500 kelvin) is the closest colour equivalent to halogens.

Our LEDs are compact, beautifully designed and the perfect complement for your good taste in interior design. Isn’t it great when something so stylish is so practical too?


How will LEDs transform your environment?

You can probably see why we get so excited about LEDs. Whether we’re providing a few bulbs for your home, or equipping major corporate clients (including the BBC, Fortnum & Mason, the London Fire Brigade, London University, leading photography studios and the British Embassy in Moscow), we’re passionate about this amazing lighting and what it can do for you.

How will high quality LEDs transform your home or business, put money back in your pocket and give you a great feeling from helping the environment?

Please contact us to learn more.