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Yunchuan Optoelectronics' Vision & Mission

Provide innovative & modern residential lighting schemes. Stand in the forefront of fashion. Perfect your home in the most convenient ways.
We create for more customers’ demands, we develop for better energy savings!
From lamp to light source, all your residential lighting ambiance, we will take it!

LED Functional Light

Improve your life with light: efficient functional lighting
Energy-saving, Yunchuan Opto gives this technical word more natural and soft meaning by combining it with fashion.

LED Ambiance Lighting

Better your space with light: create a personal and specific space with light
Change your household environment with light according to your mood, modern and simple design, fun and soft. Yunchuan opto, makes your house better and brighter.

LED Healthy Living

Brighter you and your family: bring you a good mood and safe sense
Warm light in the bathroom can relax you from boredom; soft light in the study will protect your kids from eye strains.