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How To Buying a PAR LED Lamp?

PAR light lamp is widely used in show window, restaurant, exhibition hall, art gallery, museum, office, reading room, disco, bar, KTV, jewelry shop, fashion shop and other places. They’re used as spotlights to light a piece of art or an outdoor feature. They are the ideal choice for normal lighting and part lighting. Its energy consumption is 80% less than the halogen lamp. PAR LED Lamp can be different in size, power, light output, color temperature, beam angle, and material. Do you know how to choose a PAR lamp? Please look here, five item will tell you the truth.

1. Size of the PAR bulb: Do you know the size of your PAR lamp? Maybe you have thrown away the package or the label is not clearly marked. Dont worry, there are two points to make you can easily determine what size PAR lamp you’re trying to replace. The two points are a measurement of the bulbs diameter in eighths of an inch. For example, a PAR38 bulb will have a diameter of 4.75 inches (38/8 = 4.75). Here are some common PAR lamp and their diameters:

PAR16 LED lamp: 2″

PAR20 LED lamp: 2.5″

PAR30 LED lamp: 3.75″

PAR38 LED lamp: 4.75″

2. Beam angle: The second important point, the beam angle of a par lamp is measured as the angle between the two directions opposed to each other where the luminous intensity is 50% of the maximum luminous intensity. In simpler terms, the beam angle gives one a sense of how wide the beam spreads out when emitted from the par lamp and can range from a narrow spotlight to a very wide floodlight. It is difficult to find the beam angle on the lamp or packaging, but you can get this information by a quick search for the bulb model number on the manufacturer’s website.

3. Wattage: The most LED PAR Lamp will consume much less power than the incandescent or halogen par lamp you are replacing. Its energy savings can be up to 80% or more! For instance, we think of a 75 watt par lamp as being brighter than a 60 watt par lamp. Wattage is really a measure of the amount of power a par lamp requires and not a measure of actual light output. Therefore, it’s best to look at the wattage difference between the par lamp you are placing and the new LED par lamp you’re purchasing solely to determine the energy savings you can expect to receive. You will still find that most LED par lamp come with a reference as to what wattage of standard lamp they are capable of replacing, but be aware that many manufacturers and unscrupulous retailers overstate these claims by a wide margin. This leads us to take a closer look at the light output of a PAR lamp as measured in lumens.

4. Lumens: Lumens are a measure of light output and will help you accurately calculate which particular par lamp they’ll need to buy in order to get an equivalent amount of light. The scientific explanation of how lumens are measured is beyond the scope of this article, but the amount of light being output by a lamp, as well as the amount of light actually hitting the surface you are trying to light (measured as lux) are important considerations when purchasing a PAR LED lamp. Of couse, this information is also difficult to find on packaging but is typically available on manufacturer’s websites.

5. Lifespan: Another important factor is the lifespan. Halogen PAR lamp have an average life span of five thousand hours while, depending on the make and manufacturer, the lifespan of LED PAR bulbs range from fifteen thousand to fifty thousand hours. Also, the lifespan of an LED par lamp is not calculated on the time to failure, but on the time it will take the light output of the lamp to depreciate to 70% of the original brightness. This is the main reason that the price of the LED par lamp is more expensive than halogen bulbs. The extended lifespan and cost of an LED bulb should also lead you to consider the importance of buying from a reputable source and investigating what type of product warranty is provided.

LED lighting keeps making rapid advancements in the areas of brightness, efficacy and color output, and the prices continue to drop, which make the customer enjoy the benefits of this energy saving and eco-friendly technology in their homes or businesses. We will try our best to help you make a great purchase. Purchase as you want, it is up to you. Please action!