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Some basic advantages of LED Lighting Products

As a consumer or administrater, how to choose the lightings for home use or commercial purpose? Purchase price and operating costs (energy and maintenance) are usually the top concerns. Meanwhile, some aspects may come into play depend on the application or special demand. Here are some unique LED characteristics for your reference:

1. Directional light emission – can adjust the light emission angel according to the actual demand.
2. Size advantage – can be very compact and low-profile.
3. Breakage resistance – no breakable glass or filaments, more safety and can be used widely.
4. Wide operation temperature – Can work from -15℃ to 50 ℃.
5. Instant on – require no “warm up” time, start on in ms.
6. Stable performance: with internal high performance constant-current power supply, no stroboscopic, vision protection. Can work normally when turn on/off frequently.
7. Controllability – compatible with electronic controls to change light levels and color characteristics.
8. No IR or UV emissions – no UV, no mercury and other harmful substance.
9. No noise: the best choice for library, office and so on.

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