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Relation of lamp style, lighting pattern, installation height and pole space

The standard is applicable for traditional road lighting, and in LED road lighting, it is for reference only. There is no clear rule yet.

Light Distribution Type Full-cut-off Semi-cut-off Non-cut-off
Lighting Pattern Installation Height Pole Space Installation Height Pole Space Installation Height Pole Space
Unilateral Pattern H≧Weff S≦3H H≧1.2Weff S≦3.5H H≧1.4Weff S≦4H
Bilateral Interlaced Pattern H≧0.7Weff S≦3H H≧0.8Weff S≦3.5H H≧0.9Weff S≦4H
Bilateral Symmetrical Pattern H≧0.5Weff S≦3H H≧0.6Weff S≦3.5H H≧0.7Weff S≦4H


The standard is applicable for traditional road lighting, and in LED road lighting, it is for reference only. There is no clear rule yet.

Full-cut-off luminaire 

refers to the lamp of which the largest angle of light intensity is between 0° to 65°, and the maximum allowed values of light intensity at 90° and 80°angle direction are 10cd/1000lm and 30cd/1000lm.

Semi-cut-off luminaire

refers to the lamp of which the largest angle of light intensity is between 0° to 75°, and the maximum allowed values of light intensity at 90° and 80°angle direction are 50cd/1000lm and 100cd/1000lm.

Non-cut-off luminaire

refers to the lamp of which the maximum allowed value of light intensity at 90° angle direction is 1000cd.