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LED Digital Tube’s Control Modes

      Generally speaking, LED Digital Tube’s control modes can be divided into two types: Internal control and External control.
Internal control means to range a chip which is already programmed into the tube. Then number each tube and install them on the order. Therefore the tubes will show integrally and synchronous
      To program changing, both control modes can achieve the effect of controlling the tube color. To voltage levels, internal control can be used in either high or low voltage, while external control can only be used in low voltage. To performance, external control is more stable than internal one.
      In general, for big projects, external control will be prior considered. And for small projects, internal control is more often used. Because the external control will cost much more than internal one.
      RGB tubes’ external control can only achieve the effect of whole gradually changing or whole hopping changing, but internal control can mix them together. For internal control, the voltage can be 220V, 24V or 12V, no other controller is needed. But for external control, a control system and controller are necessary ( as shown).

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