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How to use led flood light safely

LED flood light in our factory

High power LED flood light with the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, long service life and good using effect, in the field of urban construction, publicity billboards, parking terminals, as well as stadium the light plays an important role and has excellent effect, very obvious advantages.

Whether LED flood light, LED fluorescent or other kinds of LED lamps, its safe usage is worthy the high attention of every user and consumer, according to the professional LED lighting experts, the notices of using LED flood light safely are as follows:

Generally,lamps will work once the power is on.If not,an inspection is needed after turning off the electricity;After unpacking,make sure the power equipment intact and then connect power;Using LED lamps in a closed environment is prohibited;Ensure that the power supply is cut off before Lighting installation and connection operation;To ensure a good grounding measures to guarantee effectively the safe use of LED flood light ;Do not use any object blocking the light source of LED flood light, to avoid security risks caused by high temperature.;Beside,if you use a long time, please do not dismantle the light once losing efficacy.

These above are the safe use of LED flood light to note, believe it will be helpful to consumers.