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LED Tube's Development

LED Tube, as the new generation of energy saving lighting source, though being on market for only several years, has developed rapidly and changed a lot.

The first generation LED Tube
At the begining ( about in year 2005 ) , LED tubes used all-PC shells and F5 diodes, fiberglass as circuit and internal driver. The luminous of whole lamp is ablut 40-60lm/w. Before long people found that this kind of tube was serious in light degradation and the lifetime was only 1000-2000 hours. That is because that the sealed PC shell ,diodes, and the fireglass causing the tube’s quite low heat dispersion. And this also hurt the customers’ confidence.

The second generation LED Tube
In 2007, most factorys began to produce LED tubes with SMD light source, PC-Aluminum shell and aluminum substrate. But this is quite a chaotic period. The used light source contacined SMD 3528, 3020, 5050, and even 1w/pcs high power LED. The driver was internal, external, isolated, non-isolated and so on. The whole lamp’s luminous efficiency was 60-80lm/w. And this also made customers confused. Price of the tubes varied too much that they did not know how to choose.

The third generation LED Tube
In 2009, because of the rapid development of LED, its luminous efficiency was also promoted. SMD 3014 with high luminous, good heat dissipation and smal volume began to be used in LED tubes, and the whole lamp’s luminous efficiency was promoted to 70-100lm/w. This kind of tube began to sell well and in this period, the main products in market were using 3528 and 3014. Though the price still can not meet the customers’ requests.

The forth generation LED Tube
In 2011, luminous of LED kept on promoting. For the same luminous, less LEDs were used and the cost was reduced. 3014, with better heat dissipation, more luminus area, better light output, will certainly be the main LED used in tubes for a long time.