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3W 2.5inch LED Down Light

S301 LED Down light


  1. Extended light mask adopts imported fog surface diffusion plate, has the advantages of high light transmittance, and solves the glare problem effectively at the same time.
  2. By using big heat sink, the LED heat dissipation problem is solved well, and life of light source is guaranteed.
  3. According to the size, down light classification can be divided into 2.5, 3, 4, 5 to 6 inches.
  4. The lamp hides inside the architectural decoration, keeps the building decoration unified and perfect, and does not damage the lamp’s setting.
  5. No glare. Soft and uniform light.

Application Place

Widely used in office, house, hotel, meeting room, stage, museum and other places.

Product Data

Product Name: 3W LED Down Light
Product Model: WZ-TD-S301
Main Material: aluminum alloy, PC Cover
Storage Temp.: -20℃-50℃
Working Temp.: 25℃
Package: Box, Carton
Protection Grade: IP44
Certification: CE, RHOS
Efficiency Grade: 1
Wight: 250g

Electrical Characteristics

Rated Voltage: AC85~265V
Power Factor: ≥0.8
Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
Dimmer: No

Technical Feature

Color Code: PW/WW
Emitting Color: Pure White/Warm White
Color Temp.: 6000-6500k/2800-3200K
Luminous Efficiency: ≥85lm/W
CRI: ≥70
Emitting Angle: 120°(default)


Product Model

LED Quantity

Power of Whole Lamp

Luminous Flux


External Dimension


Installation Dimension





240± 10%