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20W LED Flood Light

20W LED Flood Light


  1. The surface of lamp is treated by antiseptic and anodic oxidation; with compact structure and aesthetic appearance.
  2. Several high brightness chips integrated into an LED modular as the light source, independent encapsulation, high thermal conductivity, small light attenuation, pure light color.
  3. Unique technology on chips to ensure the lifespan of light source up to 50000 hours. Integrated heat radiator and lamp shell to ensure the long lifespan of whole lamp.
  4. Environmental protection, no mercury and other harmful substance, no electromagnetic interference, no stroboscopic.
  5. High safety coefficient, small required voltage and current, less heat emitting, no safety loophole, able to use in mine field and other dangerous sites.

Application Place

Widely used in the single building, exterior of historic buildings, indoor, landscape, billboard, medical culture and other specialized facilities, bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere lighting.


Product Data

Product Name: 20W LED Flood Light
Product Model: WZ-TG-W2001J
Main Material: aluminum alloy,toughened glass
Storage Temp.: -40℃-50℃
Working Temp.: -30℃-55℃
Protection Grade: IP65
Color Code: PW/WW
Certification: CE, RoHS
Efficiency Grade: 1

Electrical Characteristics

Rated Voltage: AC180~240V
Power Factor: ≥0.9
Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
Dimmer: No
Package: Carton

Technical Feature

Emitting Color: Pure white, Warm white Color Temp.: 6000~6500K/3000K-3500K
Luminous Efficiency: 70-90lm/W
CRI: ≥75
Emitting Angle: 120°(default)


Product Model

LED Quantity (PCS)

Power of Whole Lamp(W)

Luminous Flux(LM)